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Stellar is owned and operated by Terri Mathis, a 20 year veteran of law enforcement. During her career she spent thousands of hours investigating everything from burglaries to assaults. She attended extensive training on crime scene processing, search and seizure, interview & interrogation as well as cultural diversity. Terri is also a member if the Civil Air Patrol Air Force Auxiliary in an emergency services and communications capacity and has undergone training with FEMA for emergency management. Terri uses all of this experience to ensure that her clients get a thorough and professional investigation. Maintains a mobile office which provides flexibility and convenience for clients. Consults and case progress meetings can be done by phone or at a location of the client's choosing.

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Criminal and Civil

*Surveillance* Criminal and pre-trial investigations *Cold cases* Witness locating *Fraud investigations and so much more.

Criminal and Civil

Along with the highlighted services, Stellar Investigations LLC will assist/investigate such topics as Criminal defense investigations, cold cases and a variety of surveillance areas and much more. Call or email with your questions. We are responsive and caring.

Welfare Checks. Sometimes we are separated from family and friends by distance. If you haven’t heard from them or haven’t been able to reach them, it may be cause for concern. If this happens to you, call Stellar and we’ll check on your loved one for you. (Subject of the welfare check must live in Minnesota).

Burglary prevention consults. Want to know if you’re doing everything you can to ensure that your summer home or cabin does not get burglarized? Stellar Investigations will come inspect your property and offer input and advice on your current security and any additional measures you could take. (Restricted to Minnesota residents)

Cabin Inspections

The longer a property goes without any “activity”, the more likely it will attract the attention of a burglar. Once that has happened, the longer it takes to discover the burglary, the less likely it is that the culprit will be apprehended!

Inspection services include:

Ensure all windows and doors of all structures on the property are secure.

Check for signs of trespass

Check for signs of vandalism or any other criminal activity

Check for signs of damage caused by nature

Stellar Investigations personnel DO NOT enter any structures on the property for any reason.

If damage or criminal activity is discovered, Client will be notified by phone from the scene and photographs will be taken. Law enforcement will then be notified and/or any repair persons requested by Client. Stellar Investigations will complete a formal written report and forward it to Client and any other relevant persons/entities. This is not a guarantee of prevention of criminal activity and/or damage caused by nature.

The fee for 2016 - 2017 is $94 per month. This covers 3 checks of your property. Emergency/short notice inspections are $31 per hour.

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Consultations are always free so don't wait, start your investigation today!